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» #8545 don't use sweeper unconfirmed utxos by ziggie1984 (utxo sweeping)
» #8136 Probing for more reliable route fee estimation by hieblmi (routing)
» #8052 sqldb: InvoiceDB implementation by bhandras (database, invoices)
» #7568 Add config options for custom feature bits by carlaKC (feature bits, gossip)
» #7516 funding: fund channel with selected utxos by hieblmi (funding)
» #7391 router: refactor payment lifecycle by yyforyongyu (payments, routing)
» #7376 multi: Forward Blinded Payments by carlaKC (funding)
» #7354 sqldb: add schema for invoices (table and queries) by positiveblue (sql, database)
» #7333 input: add taproot chan scripts, control block logic, and spending routines by roasbeef (funding, taproot)
» #7216 chanacceptor: support dual funding internally by morehouse (funding)
» #7139 htlcswitch: attributable errors by joostjager (htlcswitch)
» #7069 watchtower: start using the DeleteSession message by ellemouton (watchtowers)
» #6914 addinvoice: refactor hint hop selection algorithm by positiveblue (invoices)
» #6903 funding: add fundmax flag to OpenChannelRequest by hieblmi (funding)
» #6857 pathfinding: capacity-dependent apriori model probability by bitromortac (path finding)
» #6759 itest: start a scaffolding testing framework by yyforyongyu (itests)
» #6753 lncli: base_fee_msat and fee_rate_ppm for openchannel by hieblmi (funding)
» #6703 htlcswitch: add inbound routing fees receive support by joostjager (routing)
» #6683 channeldb+routing: refactor payment lifecycle by yyforyongyu (routing)
» #6570 sqlite db backend by seejee (database)
» #6517 htlcswitch: final settle signal by joostjager (htlcswitch)
» #6417 Return `FEE_INSUFFICIENT` before checking balance for incoming low-fee HTLCs by tvolk131 (htlcswitch)
» #6335 routerrpc: TrackPayments by JssDWt (routerrpc)
» #5700 Multi+refactor: persistent peer manager by ellemouton (p2p)
» #4029 Adds `fundmax` flag to `openchannel` by bjarnemagnussen (funding)