don't use sweeper unconfirmed utxos (utxo sweeping)

Host: ziggie1984  -  PR author: ziggie1984

General questions about Lightning Channel Openings in LND:

  • What are the different ways of funding a lightning channel in LND (creating the funding transaction)? Think of possible use-cases for the different methods (e.g. the internal LND wallet).
  • What does the batch channel opening cmd use to open channels, does it use the internal wallet?
  • What would be needed to implement BatchChannelClosings, are they even possible today without protocol changes?
  • Explain the concept of a “zero-conf” channel and outline what a good use-case might be.
  • What’s the underlying problem this PR is trying to solve.
  • Can a transaction not signalling RBF (see rule 1) be RBFed, if so how?
  • What is the subsystem which tends to RBF outputs. When would this subsystem try to RBF an output (walk through a likely example).
  • What happens to a zero-conf channel which inputs are RBFed (before the channel funding transaction is confirmed)
  • Is it currently possible to close such a channel (coop-close or force-close)?
  • Does this PR solve the RBF issue completely for channel-openings or are further improvements planed.