pathfinding: capacity-dependent apriori model probability (path finding)

Host: bitromortac  -  PR author: bitromortac


  • In this PR review club we will have a closer look at pathfinding internals and upcoming improvements in this regard.
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    • Follow-up PR:
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  • What is the underlying algorithm used for pathfinding, where is it located in the LND code base?
  • What’s the graph type of the Lightning network in your opinion (in terms of pathfinding)?
  • What kind of ingredients enter into the pathfinding edge weight?
  • What is the role of the probability term?
  • Why should we include the capacity into pathfinding?
  • What’s the commit adding the new functionality?
  • Why don’t we just introduce a hard cutoff say at 3/4 of the channel capacity?
  • How is the probability of an edge altered, what is its effect (look at TestCapacityCutoff)?
  • Are channel capacities part of the gossip protocol? Are there cases when they are not available?
  • Which API endpoints are altered by this change?