Attending your first PR Review Club

If you’re thinking about attending PR Review Club, welcome! We love new participants. Below is information to help you get started as a first-timer.

The club meets every two weeks on Thursdays at 17:00 UTC in the #review-club channel on LND Developer Community Slack. Every week, an LND developer will host a 60-minute discussion on an LND pull request. The code of conduct details the behavior we expect from all participants.

The basics:

You’ll get the most out of Review Club if you’ve reviewed the PR going into the meeting, but it’s definitely not mandatory in order to attend. You can always show up as an observer. If you’re worried (don’t be!), read the meeting log of a past PR Review Club. You’ll see it’s very casual.

If you’d like to more actively participate, you should clone the LND repository. You should also check out and build the PR branch locally and run all tests. Take time to review the code changes and read the comments on that week’s PR.

There are also notes and questions you can review and prepare. Make a note of any questions you want to ask.

The meeting will begin with a “hi” from that week’s host. Feel free to respond with “hi” so people know you’re at your keyboard and participating. The host will poll everyone on whether they’ve reviewed the PR (y/n). Don’t feel embarrassed to say “n”.

Questions may be asked at any time. If you’d like to ask a question, there’s no need to ask permission. If the question is off-topic, the host will kindly let you know. The host will end the session with #endmeeting at the end of the hour. Thanking the host at the end of the meeting is always appreciated!

We look forward to having you at the next PR Review Club!